Books of the Year – part two (KN)


Writing for magazines, I get sent many books to review but surprisingly few that will stand the test of time. This year’s most lasting tomes include…

1  Shadows Across The Moon: Outlaws, Freaks, Shamans And The Making of Ibiza Clubland by Helen Donlon (Jawbone)
2  Tales From The Embassy: Communiques From The Guild of Transcultural Studies 1976-1991 by Dave Tomlin (Strange Attractor)
3  Memphis ’68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul by Stuart Cosgrove (Polygon)
4  I Read The News Today, Oh Boy (The short and gilded life of Tara Browne, the man who inspired the Beatles’ greatest song) by Paul Howard (Picador)
5  The Psychedelic Renaissance: Reassessing The Role of Psychedelic Drugs In 21st Century Psychiatry and Society by Ben Sessa (Muswell Hill Press)
6  Heaven Was Detroit: From Jazz To Hiphop & Beyond – Edited by ML Liebler (Painted Turtle)
7  Otis Redding: An Unfinished Life by Jonathan Gould (Crown Archetype)
8  The Rolling Stones: On Air In The Sixties by Richard Havers (Virgin Books)
9  I Am Still The Greatest Says Johnny Angelo by Nik Cohn (No Exit)
10  Loft Jazz: Improvising New York in the 1970s by Michael C. Heller (University of California Press)



Most of these titles are related to ongoing personal missions and interests that create a knock-on effect when it comes to wanting more of the same. There are many more but here’s ten…

1  We Gotta Get Out Of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War (Culture, Politics and the Cold War) by Douglas Bradley & Craig Werner (University of Massachusetts Press 2015)
2  A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism by Paul Youngquist (University of Texas Press 2016)
3  Perry Robinson: The Traveler by Florence Wetzel (iUniverse 2002)
4  Music To Silence To Music: A Biography of Henry Grimes by Barbara Frenz (Northway 2015)
5  Drugs As Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other Leftists by John L. Potash (Trine Day 2014)
6  Distilled Spirits: Getting High, Then Sober, With A Famous Writer, A Forgotten Philosopher, And A Hopeless Drunk by Don Lattin (University of California Press 2012)
7  The Last Poets by Christine Otten (World Editions 2016)
8  In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction by Gabor Maté (Vintage Canada 2012)
9  High Society: Mind Altering Drugs In History and Culture by Mike Jay (Thames & Hudson 2012)
10  Observer’s Book of Birds by Rob Hume (Bloomsbury 1987 edition)